Acupuncture is a comprehensive science and healing art based on natural laws and principles that have been observed in the Orient for 5,000 years. Today, acupuncture is used by one third of the world as a primary health care system, and has been endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) for many conditions.

Effective for people of all ages, acupuncture is useful as a preventative medicine to correct imbalances before they become more serious diseases, and as a restorative modality in cases of illness or injury. It is also relevant for those who simply sense they are out of balance, or are feeling out of sorts. The ultimate effects of the treatment are a heightened sense of balance and well being. Many are choosing acupuncture as their first choice of treatment, while others come to acupuncture only after exhausting other forms of treatment first. Some, among the growing number of people who are taking a more active role in maintaining their health, come to acupuncture as part of a preventative care program that emphasizes good nutrition, healthy exercise, adequate rest, and a spiritual practice that feeds the soul. These people use acupuncture to monitor energy levels and to try to resolve patterns of disharmony before they manifest as symptoms of dis-ease.

People come to acupuncture with a wide range of specific physical complaints both acute and chronic. Some have problems related to stress, or with troubles that are the effects of mental and emotional conflict in their lives. Acupuncture treats the whole person. Patients frequently report improvement in problems beyond those for which they entered treatment.

  • We seem to have found our niche in fertility and treatments for stress and anxiety!
Acupuncture Session 1 hour for $85
Acupuncture Consolation $25 consolation fee
refunded at first treatment
Sunday appointments must be pre-paid
Parties of three or more must be prepaid and a 20 percent gratuity added 72hour cancellation policy, all other appointments 50 percent cancellation fee required with less than 24 four hour notice 100 percent no show fee required.

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